Brad Layton Design specialises in brand strategy & design. Based in the North East of England, we use well-thought-out graphic design to help businesses & brands communicate effectively, land their dream customers & grow their business. 

We are a small team of creatives, designers, visionaries & developers.
By understanding our clients, we help you grow through the use of well thought out & implemented design solutions.

What we believe in.

No Excuses.

Finding solutions to problems rather than excuses.

We like to turn all negatives into positives so everyone can benefit from the situation. 

Having no excuses allows us to always find a way forward, to create a solution. 


We have a passion at the forefront of everything we do & we take great pride in helping businesses fulfil their goals.

We are passionate about who we are, the people we work with & the work we create. 

Have Fun.

Having fun is so important to us! 

If you are having fun then chances are your doing a better job, you're enjoying yourself  & creating an environment everyone wants to work in. 

We want to have fun with you on all the projects we work on. Delivering the best, always! 

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