"That's my business!"

The right brand identity is very important, it's individual to businesses and no two are alike. 


It's something that needs to tell the story of a business. Its values, Its culture, Its personality, it simply needs to convey a message to the audience that views it. Make that message the right one. 


This is the biggest goal for me when creating a brand identity for businesses, big or small. 


Creating a brand identity is not a quick process, it can be backwards and forwards, multiple discussions, workshops, collaboration.


It's important to set a clear strategy first, answering the question 'what is it we are wanting to do?'  we are simply solving a problem. 


Whether it be from scratch or your current brand identity needs a refresh, working together we can create something unique, something to make you say "That's my business!"

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What is a brand identity and why is it important?

To put it simply a brand identity is a consistent visual design to allow customers or clients to identify your product, service or company wherever it may appear.


This consistent visual design includes things like your logo/s, typography, colours, packaging, a distinguishing feature your product, service or company uses. This is all wrapped up under your brand identity. 

It's important because when done correctly It makes sure wherever your product, service or company appears in the world, people know it is yours! 

What can you expect from me?

Brand identity is very personal, that personality must be carried forward throughout the identity design, this ensures everyone gets the same message. 

​To achieve this a clear strategy must be defined, working closely I will ask you many probing questions this allows me to gather as much information as possible to ensure the brand identity is designed correctly. 

With regular contact throughout the design process, once initial concepts are approved and designs are finalised you will receive a brand guideline detailing everything that we have done and how it needs to be used. These can vary in complexity depending on the amount of work and deliverables that were needed for the project, but you can always add more to this later. 

How much will this cost?

Prices can vary largely on project requirements, complexity and time scale. However big or small the project, get in touch, I would be happy to help.

A creative design specialist in brand identity,
logo design, print & digital media,
based in County Durham, England.
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