Greens botanicals-02.jpg

Green's Botanicals

Brand Identity & product packaging.


Green’s Botanicals is an organic skincare company with a range of different products. It makes unisex skincare products appealing to a high-end target audience.

The objective was to create a brand identity that is consistent across the company from a digital presence to signage and product packaging.  The brand had to display a high-end, mature personality but keeping the organic botanical USP at the forefront.

Starting with a range of logo exploration, narrowing down to the combination mark you can see throughout. The combination of a strong Sans Serif wordmark with the botanical graphical element reflects the companies core values and culture.

A strong brand identity was set, and consistent across all media and platforms. With the colours picked, typeface and a strong logo that is easily recognisable in multiple sizes the Green's Botanicals brand really came alive.

Transfering this brand identity into the packaging of various types and sizes was really fun and shows that the brand identity really works. Creating a consistent design that keeps the same look and feel of the recognisable Green's brand across all pack types.