Le tour 21 logo-15.png

Le Tour 21

Concept, Brand Identity, Product Packaging & Promotional Material.


Le Tour 21 is a Tour de France inspired craft beer. It is a part of a group of three (2 still in development) cycling grand tour inspired craft beers. 

The idea was to incorporate the feeling, passion, and culture of the race into a brand identity to represent the increasingly popular craft beer movement. 

The name was generated 'Le Tour 21' for the first of the 3 concepts, the most prestigious cycling race of them all, the great Tour De France! The 21 in the name pays homage to the 21 stages of a grand tour, this theme will also continue across the other 2 variants of the family.

The name was picked and the onto the all-important look and feel of the brand identity. For the main logomark it needed to be bold, make a statement and show its authority, reflecting all the personality of 'the Tour'.

A bold, strong, sans serif font added to the lockup with a simple graphic of the Arc de Triomphe. It was important to add a graphical element to this logo, it needed something meaningful yet strong and a sense of power. The Arc de Triomphe seemed very fitting for this, not only is it a strong, impressive piece of architecture that is iconic to France, but it is also iconic to the end of the grueling race.

Multiple usage variations of this logomark were created that you can see throughout the images below. 

The colours to represent this brand had to be yellow, in respect to the prestigious yellow jersey. 

With the logo variations, colours and typeface all very fitting for the personality of this brand, they carried forward into the product packaging and promotional material.