Everyone knows a business by its logo, right? Good logo design is important, they are the first thing most people will see and the last thing they will forget if it is a good one!


Logos need to reflect a business's personality, its purpose, its culture, its position in the industry.
All wrapped up in one neat graphical element!

Whether we are starting from scratch or your current logo needs refreshing, with a creative logo design process I'm sure your business will get the unique logo it needs.


Logos can be images, shapes or text or a combination. To put it simply they represent the name and purpose of a business is a symbol of identification.

However, a logo can and should be more than this. If the logo is designed well it conveys a message to its audience, who and what the company is and stands for, its personality and position in the market. Ultimately it builds an emotional connection. 

To create a great logo its important to have a great creative process, you need to understand who and what the business is, its target audience and hat message it is trying to give. By gathering this information upfront before any initial sketches are done ensures a unique logo will best represent the business it is made for.

A great logo makes a good first impression and distinguishes you from competitors, creates brand identity and gives customers a symbol to better remember you by.

A creative design specialist in brand identity,
logo design, print & digital media,
based in County Durham, England.
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